Many Sellers have questions before meeting us so we created this page to address their concerns.

How much do you charge to sell a home?

Our Commission is 10% and we will be happy to explain how we split it with other brokers that help us sell your home.

How long is your listing agreement

Our listing agreements expire on two days during the year, June 30th and December 31st.  Our agreement is set to which ever one of those dates is second.

What if I am not happy can I cancel?

Very rarely do we ever have a Seller decided to cancel but in the circumstance that you desire to take your home off the market.  It will be taken off the market withing 48 hours of a written request.

How will you stay in touch with me during the listing?

We communicate through a system of email and phone calls.  You should receive weekly updates on the number of showings and any feedback received as well as the performance of your house online.

Can I see a copy of the listing agreement before we meet.

Absolutely, once you schedule an appointment we will email you a copy of the listing agreement and disclosures prior to our agreement for you to look over.

What will you do to sell our home?

Visit our marketing section and you will be able to see what we do to get homes sold.  Follow the link here Getting Your Home Sold With Our Marketing Plan